DLC Fighter's Stronghold


Battlehorn Castle Upgrades List

I will be happy to provide the following improvements to Battlehorn Castle upon receipt of payment for goods and services rendered.

Kitchen Area: The kitchen will be completely refurbished with everything needed to support you and your household. I will also provide the services of a most excellent cook, Plautis Rusonius, whose culinary skills I can personally recommend as he was in charge of the kitchens at the Tiber Septim Hotel for many years.

Bedroom Area: The bedroom in the castle's private quarters will be fitted out with the most luxurious furnishings and appointments, and the services of a maid accustomed to working in a noble household will be retained.

Library Area: The library in the castle's private quarters will be restocked with books appropriate to a noble's library, and furnished to provide a comfortable reading and working area.

Dining Area: You will be able to entertain in high style once we have cleaned and refurbished the dining room in the castle's East Wing.

Barracks: I will retain the services of an experienced mercenary captain, as well as two men-at-arms, in order to bring the castle garrison up to its full complement.

Training Room: I will provide an experienced battle trainer, who can spar with you and your men on a variety of weaponry. I have an excellent candidate in mind, but do not want to name him until I am certain I can retain his services for you.

Trophy Hall: The trophy room in the castle's Great Hall will be reappointed. I will also hire an expert taxidermist to create beautiful and lifelike trophies out of the most dangerous creatures of the land.

Wine Cellar: No castle should be without the services of a well-trained vintner, and one of the best is now available. Talan learned his trade from his famous sister Tamika of Skingrad. He was also once a member of the prestigious Imperial Alchemy Symposium, but was removed from its ranks for using the skill of alchemy to perpetuate the mixing of magical and alcoholic beverages. The alchemists' loss is your gain: using ingredients found in the wild and his keen sense of taste, Talan creates unusual mixtures the likes of which have never been seen.

I trust that you will find much here of interest to you in your new position as lord of Battlehorn Castle. Please allow me to be of service.

I remain,

Nilphas Omellian

The Merchants Inn, Market District

Imperial City

Ведущий: Antrix
Прошлая команда: DJ_Kovrik, Santera
Дизайн: G-Ray

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